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In this month's First Friday Webinar we discussed Library Templates and how they are configured in anticipation of a 2022 release that will allow for more Users to begin using Library Templates.

NEW Enhancements

11/29 Release Notes (Click to read full Release Notes)

  • "Today's Date" Template Place Holder
  • Contract System Attributes added to Templates
  • All Term Fields added to Templates

Patch Fixes

  • Notify By Date now appearing correctly on all Recurring Final Cycle End Dates
  • New Gear Cog to bring up View Column Selector will now appear for everyone
  • All Grid Filters in the Manage Users admin area should now be working correctly and giving the expected results
  • Any issues with Templates creating "free-floating" Fields in your Container have been cleared up. All data will show in Field Groups
  • The Bulk Loader download link has been updated to no longer require an additional install from Microsoft on certain machines

Library Templates

  • Links to Library Template Articles:
  • Currently uses the AceOffix Plug-In, the same as Edit-In-Cloud
    • This is free of charge and included in all UCM packages, however it does require IT involvement to install and certain internal policies do not allow for plug-ins.
    • In 2022, UCM will be getting a new Online Editor option that will NOT require a plug-in (AceOffix will still be available)
  • Benefits of Library Templates over "Classic" include being able to have Word Formatting like Headers, Footers, Page Numbers, etc., as well as being able to have other work on the Template outside the system, and then upload it in later when you are ready to use.
  • Currently requires the Template document to be uploaded to UCM, but with the new release of the online editor, you will be able to create a Library Template from scratch, just like a "Classic" Template, but using Word Formatting features instead of just a basic text editor box.