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This month's First Friday Webinar covered the NEW Terms Box, and specifically how what the new Fixed Term Type will operate, as well as how to do a simple data transfer of your custom dates using the Template that will be provided prior to release in 2021. 

NEW Look Enterprise Ribbon

NEW Terms Box: Fixed

  • The Fixed Term Type is the type that is most like what UCM currently offers
  • Fixed will allow you to track:
    • Start Date
    • Duration
    • End Date
    • Notice Date & Time Frame (optional)
  • This set up is very similar to what most UCM systems currently have in some fashion
    • Custom Auto-Renewal & Review Dates will be handled in next months Webinar using the Rolling & Recurring Term Types.

Migration of Custom Data to Fixed Term Type

  • As the release date nears, Bulk Loading Templates will be provided through email and the Knowledgebase for you to migrate your own data into the new Terms Box.
  • Shorter webinars specifically on the migration and actual Bulk Loading will be provided starting the week of January 11th
  • The example report that was generated in the webinar from the current UCM, used the following Grid Set-Up for ease of moving the data to the Terms Template Sheet:
    • Contract Name
    • Contract ID
    • Start Date (or similar term you use in your system)
    • End Date (or similar term you use in your system)
    • Number of Days Notice (or similar term you use in your system, if you are tracking this)
  • Similar report examples will be provided next month for Rolling & Recurring